The Northern Ireland Local Government Association (NILGA) is the representative body for the new 11 councils in NI. It promotes, develops and champions local government by developing regional (all Council) approaches to key issues affecting the sector, including elected member development, collective lobbying, policy formulation, best practice events and campaigns to improve democracy and public services.
NILGA members are drawn from each of the 11 councils. The Association supports and represents NI Local Government’s interests on regional bodies such as the Partnership Panel with the NI Assembly, within the Local Government Group of Associations in the UK (with over 550 councils as members) and in Europe - NILGA won the European Entrepreneurial Region Award for NI in 2015 as conferred by the EU’s Committee of the Regions.
The Association is supported by political parties and independent members in councils, and works in partnership with other key regional players such as SOLACE (Chief Executive’s Body) and the NI Housing Council. NILGA’s work is facilitated by a small but dynamic officer team, supporting elected members in their actions, providing advice and direction to take decisions on issues as important as Waste, Planning, local economies and member learning.
By ensuring a collective framework for and with councils, NILGA communicates the importance of local government as a growing, sustainable and contemporary part of government in NI, ensuring that the sector is a partner of equal, equipped with an informed, strong, unified voice when dealing with central government, the EU and other legislative bodies.