Community Planning & Well-being WG

Community Planning & Well-being Working Group


Chair:              Cllr Phil Brett (Antrim & Newtownabbey)

Vice Chair:      Cllr Martin Kearney (Mid Ulster) 

Members:        Cllr Patrice Hardy (Mid & East Antrim)

                        Substitute: Cllr Michael Goodman (Antrim & Newtownabbey)

                        Cllr Michael Henderson (Lisburn & Castlereagh)

                        Cllr John Blair (Antrim & Newtownabbey)

                        Substitute: Alderman Deborah Girvan (Ards & North Down)


Key Objectives:

o    Lobbying for the necessary (and still outstanding) legislation, guidance and support for councils in relation to community planning and well-being.

o    Democratic Scrutiny of: Departmental and partner organisation input into the design delivery and resourcing of new community planning and well-being systems and policies.

o    Monitoring the progress of the Partnership Panel in relation to its regional role in community planning.


Wider Objectives:

o    Monitoring ongoing member capacity building requirements in relation to community planning and well-being.

o    Design and provision of necessary regional member development events on relevant issues.

o    Developing regional guidance on the new elected member role, including ‘commissioning’ and other ‘outward facing’ activity.

o    Continued lobbying to develop a partnership role for local government within an integrated government approach.


Key contact: Karen Smyth