NILGA Member Services

A Trade and Lobbying Association for the local government sector in Northern Ireland.
A strong voice and representation body for elected members from local government within negotiation platforms on public sector reform, modernisation, rural and economic development, waste management, planning and other critical matters for the economy and the sector.
A gateway to other key and beneficial networks and agencies including Local Government Associations in England, Scotland, Wales and the Republic of Ireland.
Provision of investment, relationship building and financial opportunities for the sector through collective, co-ordinated information sharing from Government, EU, Lottery and other relevant agencies.
News pieces, analysis and strategic media bulletins reflecting key issues for the local government sector.
Knowledge, representation and negotiation support for the sector for Employer negotiations on national terms and conditions.
Collective representation driven by elected member input and knowledge on collective interest issues e.g. Translink Ulster in Bloom, Local Government Awards Northern Ireland, Annual Conference, networking events.
Consultation and Policy formulation on strategic, high impact issues affecting the sector which require a collective, democratically underpinned response and the delivery of beneficial outcomes.