NILGA Policy & Publications

All booklets, leaflets and bulletin communications to councils, providing an update on outcomes from a meeting or event, will be published in this section.

Ranging from Annual Reports, Conference Booklets and weekly bulletins are important forms of reference for future research and confirmation of information.

NILGA Corporate Plan 2016 - 2019

20 June 2016

This Corporate Plan is a Delivery and Performance Framework which will drive the vision of the sector. That’s why the direct involvement of councils and key partners, such as SOLACE, in the work of NILGA, is essential to fulfil what we all want.


14 June 2016

STRENGTHENING DEMOCRACY,SUSTAINING COMMUNITIES. NILGA, in conjunction with the 11 new councils, was tasked with developing a Programme for Local Government 2016 – 2021, setting out why and how the two spheres of government can and should work together.

Councillors’ Guide to the Northern Ireland Planning System

27 May 2016

Making Planning Work. Whether you are a newly elected councillor or just new to planning, the Guide is designed to help you understand how planning impacts on your constituents, your District Electoral Area and your Council area, and how you can use it to help your community address local issues.

Consultation on Enhanced Sport & Recreation Rate Relief

18 May 2016

NILGA response to the DFPNI consultation on Enhanced Sport & Recreation Rate Relief for Unlicensed Community Amateur Sports Clubs.

Alternatives to the Small Business Rate relief Scheme

18 May 2016

NILGA response to the DFPNI Discussion Paper.

DFPNI Review of Rate Liability in the Domestic Rental Sector

18 May 2016

NILGA response - NILGA believes that the need for transparency, simplicity and increased accountability is the key to any policy regarding rates. The public should be able to understand all charges levied upon them and know how the money raised is used.

Guidance on planning element of councillors' Code of Conduct.

28 April 2016

DoE consultation, September 2014.

Northern Ireland Local Government Code of Conduct

28 April 2016

Approved by the NI Assembly 27 May 2014.

NILGA Bulletin April / May 2016

28 April 2016

This bulletin provides your Council with key information on the work being taken forward through NILGA, councils and partners, delivering results for local government. It is supplied for wide distribution including at Full Council or Council Committee meetings.