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All booklets, leaflets and bulletin communications to councils, providing an update on outcomes from a meeting or event, will be published in this section.

Ranging from Annual Reports, Conference Booklets and weekly bulletins are important forms of reference for future research and confirmation of information.

NILGA EU Support Bulletin - 30th May 2013

31 May 2013

NILGA seeks to provide you and your Council with an opportunity to access and benefit from more financial and technical assistance from a wide range of European Union investment now and in the future. This is an information service that informs member councils of forthcoming European investment opportunities, together with early warnings on legislation, regulation and policy.

NISMP - Mapping the Deployment of Migrant Labour in NI

18 April 2013

Large scale economic migration to Northern Ireland is a relatively recent phenomenon and one that to date has not been sufficiently monitored with regards to numbers of migrants coming to work and live in the region, patterns of employment nor economic impact. Although numbers are small in comparison to other UK regions, migration does contribute to the Northern Irish economy and in-depth research and analysis is essential in order to understand its significance to both the labour market and to the impact migrants will have on local service provision.


01 February 2013

ANNUAL BUSINESS PLAN - 2013 / 2014 NILGA speaks up for local government and offers modern, effective and accountable representation and services. We are led by, and accountable to, the 26 district councils. NILGA- the voice of local government, championing councils in NI.


11 December 2012

Consultation Workshop and Engagement Event. Larne Town Hall Wednesday 23rd January 2013, 10am to 1pm. Through this event, NILGA is asking councils to reflect and comment on the future delivery mechanisms to optimise the investment of an estimated minimum £300 million derived from the EU Structural Funds and supporting regional and local budgets, for the period 2014–2020.

Outcomes paper NILGA’s Executive 26th September 2012

24 October 2012

NILGA views on STCs, Shadow Councils, and outstanding policy in relation to the Reorganisation Bill – 26th September 2012. An inclusive and cross party meeting of NILGA members was held on 26th September 2012, with the following key outputs and views determined.

Summary of the Department’s Proposals for the Reorganisation Bill

28 August 2012

(Produced July 2012) • Summary of Evidence Received from 77 consultees • General Power of Competence to be introduced • A great deal of partnership working and further consultation is still required to agree detailed proposals • NILGA will continue to lobby for stronger legislation and for councils to agree – not be handed – key reorganisation decisions

NILGA response to the NI Economic Strategy 2012-30

06 March 2012

The following paper is written in response to the DETINI consultation on the draft Economic Strategy 2012-2030.and presents the views of the Northern Ireland Local Government Association (NILGA), representing and promoting the interests of the 26 district councils. For further information or to discuss any of the issues highlighted, please contact Ken Bishop at the NILGA Offices: Email: Tel: 028 9079 8972

NILGA Annual Report 2010/11

22 September 2011

The tenth annual report of the Northern Ireland Local Government Association (NILGA).